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A Different Plan

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I had walked in the wilderness for 40 yrs in drunkenness and drug addiction. I had been in and out of jail all my life and lost everything I owned time and time again. I was at my bottom and possibly facing prison while I was awaiting the outcome in a state run rehab I hit my knees and cried out to the Lord.

God answered me with a sponsor in AA that would teach me how to have a relationship with the Lord by working the 12 steps of AA. I had gone through a divorce with my ex who is still using and at the time we had three small children ages 10, 5 and a newborn who was only 90 days old.

I was given full custody to all 3 children and had the responsibility of raising them with God's help. God had a different plan then I did all I had to do was ask and have faith that He would take care of everything.


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