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He Was Always There

he was always there, hope fellowship church, frisco tx

Once I basically decided I couldn't do the "right thing" for salvation, I walked away. That is hard to admit because I know that God never walked away from me. HE WAS ALWAYS THERE, no matter what.

I was protected in times of turmoil, spared in life, and protected I situations that could have been extremely hazardous to my health. Life has been full of blessings to me and my family, and maybe that is what finally woke me up. I became a mom, and my little boy needs to know Christ, so I began diving deeper for myself.

Each time we visited Hope, my spirit stirred. I cried, I smiled, and I worshipped through the music and messages sent forth. I appreciate a dear friend of mine for inviting me all the time ago that it was and I am thankful we gave HOPE a chance.

Being baptized to me now, means that I am willing to move forward in Christ, in my relationship with him, and to guide my family closer to him as well. I am excited to make a commitment to this new journey, and am even more happy to have found comfort in guidance through Hope Fellowship and its members.


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