Brick X Brick: Part 2 – 1/14 | Hope Fellowship

Brick X Brick: Part 2 – 1/14

Brick X Brick: Part 2 – 1/13-1/14
Brick By Brick – Take A Step
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Take a few minutes to check in with everyone in your group.
How have your prayer lives been this week?

ENGAGE: Action vs procrastination. We all typically end up on one side of the spectrum. Where do you find yourself landing most times, in action or procrastination? How do you plan to move forward in 2018?

READ: Nehemiah 2:1-4

ENGAGE: Everything starts with community and being in community with God. What are the ways you feel most connected with God? How do you best find community with him?
ENGAGE: What are the ways you are able to stay in constant community with God? How do you connect when we can all lead such busy lives?

READ: Nehemiah 2:5-6

ENGAGE: Community involves people who are uniquely gifted to help us in our call, in the situations we find ourselves in. Who are those that surround you that are uniquely gifted to drive your calling, to help you in the season you are in? If you can not name those people, have you sought out wisdom from your group as to what you are facing?
ENGAGE: Name one person in your life that you are uniquely gifted to help. How do you plan to engage more with that person or family this year?

READ: Nehemiah 2:11-18

ENGAGE: Community can create opportunity for a close circle of friends. We see this play out with so many people in the bible. Jesus, Moses, David… What are the ways you are opening yourself up to community and fellowship? Name two to three ways you will make yourself available to fellowship and community in 2018.

READ: Nehemiah 2:16

ENGAGE: There is unity in community. When people work together, big things can happen. As we look into 2018, how can our group do something bigger than yourselves? Where can your group uniquely add value?Make a plan to get out and serve in the community with your group.

          Note: If your group needs ideas to serve, check out

Take Prayer Requests and pray together.

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