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We Drove By 100 Times

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We probably drove by Hope Fellowship at least 100 times while searching for our new Church home.

My then girlfriend (now my bride) lived in the neighborhood behind the church. We were getting serious about a future together. We both grew up Catholic...she had a great upbringing in that church setting and in fact had been attending a local Parish in Frisco until we started dating.

I, on the other hand, had a pretty rough experience with that church growing up. So understanding that our faith was a critical component to our future we sought out a church home we could agree upon. We went to several churches in the area.

However, as I look back, I can say none of those churches measured up to what we experienced at Hope, As a skeptic, it was not easy at first because I had lots of walls built around me and I believed I should experience church a certain way. Initially I sought to find something not to like. But...to my chagrin...I liked everything.

In fact I loved (and still do) how John spoke with an authentic heart. If I had to pick one thing out of a million that I love about Hope Fellowship it's the heart for God that is so genuine and humble. There is no pretense, it's real and raw.

Hope is about just that, its about restoration, renewal, and revival. Messages are delivered in the spirit of love, not condemnation. Worship is authentic and powerful and the staff are gracious and servant hearted.

Since coming to Hope that first time 9 years ago. My wife and I have seen one of our Children Baptized and two others involved in Kids programs. We both have grown exponentially in our faith...However, I would say its not because we sat on the sidelines...its because Hope calls us to action to serve our community and neighbors.

As we've found more opportunities to be involved in the church and our community our relationships have flourished. We have developed life long relationships at Hope. We have lead a life group for blended families and been a part of another family life group. We have grown in our faith through these experiences and cant wait to see what the future holds for Hope.


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