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Healing My Broken Marriage

my marriage was over, but then jesus, hope fellowship

Eight short months ago I found evidence that my marriage of 32 years was severely broken. Confronting him led to lies, then more evidence and then more lies...

My dear friend recommended we watch John's taped 4 week series on marriage online. My husband wept as he watched and I knew he was deeply in pain. We attended Hope Fellowship church the following day (for the first time) and God's timing couldn't have been more perfect. John's words were making a direct hit and so our journey of healing began.

They announced the upcoming programs of ReGeneration & ReEngage would soon be rolled out. So we jumped in with both feet and began the journey of living a life and a marriage that was God centered.

I don't know if I could have stuck it out, as my gut told me there was more and he was still deeply troubled. My ReEngage leaders encouraged me to be patient and trust. It was a huge feat for me but an answer to prayer arrived halfway through the ReEngage & ReGeneration programs.

He finally came clean and disclosed secrets that went back 45 years. My heart broke that he suffered in silence for so long. It became clear to me that his actions were covering up old wounds.

Throughout his life he was searching to fill a void in his heart. In this process he made the ultimate discovery of a healthy personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a gift he never knew before. I found it in myself the power of forgiveness. Without the support and prayers of our group/s, the messages from Pastor John, our story was headed for a very different ending.

We are eternally grateful for this church and the blessings that have been bestowed upon us in our journey.

- Lori

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