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Week 1 Homework

The Gospel of John was most likely written by the Apostle John who lived and ministered to others alongside Jesus - an eyewitness account to Jesus’ life. The purpose of this letter is that people might believe that Jesus is truly the Son of God and by believing in that, they might find eternal life in His name. John 14 finds Jesus teaching His disciples about His upcoming betrayal that would lead to His death and how they should understand why these events were so significant. There are several themes that weave through this chapter of John.

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Holy Spirit Sermon Series
Points to Ponder:

Verses 1-4 and 27-31
Theme 1 - Finding comfort in Jesus death and betrayal
This is all part of God’s redemption plan. God is in control. You will be taken care of and find ultimate rest with Jesus. Jesus is following this plan out of love for the Father and out of love for his disciples.

Verses 5-11
Theme 2 - If you’ve seen Jesus, you’ve seen God
Jesus explains to His followers that He is God Himself on this earth. By seeing Jesus and what he has done, they have seen God. Jesus is God in the flesh.

Verses 16-17, 20, 26
Theme 3 - Holy Spirit
When Jesus is not bodily present He will still lead them and guide them. He will be present with them but in a more close and personal way. These are great verses to understand the role of the Holy Spirit.

Verses 15, 21, 23
Theme 4 - Love and Obedience
Love for God is tied together with obeying his commands. A major demonstration of our love for God is obeying what he has asked us to do.