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Week 2 Homework

Acts is really a history book of the early church and the journeys of the disciples from the moment Jesus ascended to heaven throughout the life of the Apostle Paul. Acts 2 takes place as the disciples have followed one of Jesus’ last commands (Acts 1:8) to go and wait for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They have met with Jesus a few times, received His final instructions, and now His disciples are waiting for the next phase of this great story.

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Holy Spirit Sermon Series
Points to Ponder:

Verse 1
Pentecost is a Jewish celebration celebrated 50 days after the first Sunday after the Passover. (So these events happened about 50 days after the Last Supper.) People presented their first fruits of the harvest to God. Lots of Jewish people were in town to celebrate and honor God. An ideal to reach lots of people.

Verse 4
While we can completely define what “seemed to be” fire and wind in verse 3, it is clear what happened here. The disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit and they spoke in other languages. The Spirit filled them and they began to “declare the wonders of God” (verse 11) in various languages.

Verses 5-11
This is a pretty big list of the various languages that were being spoken by the disciples. It was clear to the crowd that these languages were coming out of people that couldn’t have known their particular language.

Verses 17-21
With all the people now gathered, Peter refers to an Old Testament reference (would have been meaningful to all of the Jewish people that were present). Peter quotes from Joel 2:28-32 and is telling the audience that these are the last days that were prophesied about. The Spirit was being poured out on everyone who would believe.

Verses 22-36
This is the Gospel, the good news, the amazing story of Jesus Christ.

Verses 38-39
Here’s what they needed to do in response to the amazing story of Jesus Christ:

  • Repent - change your heart, turn away from your ways and turn to Jesus
  • Be baptized - this is the outward and visible sign of their repentance
  • Sins forgiven - your sins will be washed away
  • Receive Holy Spirit - God will now reside in, with and through you
  • This promise is for all people and all generations
    Verses 42-47
    The 3,000 people and the other believers started to live a life led by this Spirit and here is how they lived in community and what they devoted themselves to:

  • The apostles’ teaching (what we see in the New Testament today)
  • Fellowship (through eating together and prayer)
  • Joel’s prophecy was fulfilled through signs and wonders of God
  • Receive Holy Spirit - God will now reside in, with and through you
  • They shared possessions and gave to each other