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It Might Get Loud – Homework: Week 1

Week 1 Homework

The Psalms are a collection of poems, songs and prayers from Israel. 73 of the Psalms are written by King David (a great and faithful king in Israel) and Psalm 5 is one that is attributed to him. The goal of the Psalms is to teach about prayer and to provide a prayer book for the people of Israel as they await the coming Messiah. The Psalms fall into two major categories: lament and praise. The Psalms of lament are prayers of pain and confusion that cry out to God for help. The Psalms of praise are prayers of joy and celebration that thank God for his help. Psalm 5 is a prayer of lament and a cry out to help against David’s enemies.

CLICK HERE to read Psalm 5 (NLT)

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Points to Ponder:

Verses 4-6
David’s enemies seem to be arrogant, liars, bloodthirsty and deceitful. David is pointing out in his prayer that these are all things that God does not desire in humanity.

Verses 7-8
As opposed to the wicked, a righteous person comes to God’s house, bows down in reverence, asks to be led, and asks for help. Reliance upon God marks the righteous while self reliance marks the unrighteous.

Verses 11-12
Blessings for the righteous include: protection, rejoicing in God’s provision, blessing and being surrounded with favor. A prayer of hope at the end of this Psalm that choosing the way of righteousness is the right thing to do.