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It Might Get Loud – Homework: Week 2

Week 2 Homework

Matthew was most likely written by Matthew the tax collector who was one of Jesus’ disciples. His intent is to connect the Old Testament idea of the Messiah to this New Testament reality that Jesus is God with us (Immanuel). Matthew is establishing that Jesus came to confront evil and restore God’s reign by teaching His people what it is like to live and be a part of God’s family. Jesus wants to transform our minds and our hearts so that we can truly live as God intended His people to live. Matthew 6 is a “listing” of what it should look like to live as a true follower of Jesus.

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It Might Get Loud HW1

Points to Ponder: (How to live in God’s kingdom)

Verses 1-4
People in God’s kingdom don’t do good things to be seen by others or to receive any kind of credit on this earth. Maybe something to ponder as you consider your posts on social media.

Verses 5-15
People in God’s kingdom: don’t announce it when they pray, they trust that God is their provider of all things, and they are people that forgive others.

Verses 16-18
People in God’s kingdom don’t announce to others that they are fasting or dedicating time to God, they fast for the sole purpose of connecting with God.

Verses 19-24
People in God’s kingdom pursue God, not possessions and accumulation.

Verses 25-34
People in God’s kingdom realize that as they pursue God that He will provide for them on this earth and in the life to come.