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It Might Get Loud – Homework: Week 4

Week 4 Homework

The Gospel of John was most likely written by the Apostle John who lived and ministered to others with Jesus. This is his eyewitness account to the life and teachings of Jesus. The purpose of this letter is that people might believe that Jesus is truly the Son of God and by believing in that, they might find eternal life in His name. John 17 is the longest of Jesus’ recorded prayers and is prayed right before Jesus was taken on His journey of being arrested and ultimately crucified. His prayer is for His Father’s purposes to be above all others.

CLICK HERE to read John 17 (NLT)

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It Might Get Loud HW1

Points to Ponder:

Verses 1-5
In this part of the prayer Jesus prays for the completion of the work God gave Him to do which is to bring eternal life to all who were given to Him. Eternal life is knowing God through Jesus Christ.

Verses 6-19
Jesus now prays for His disciples (the ones that lived with and followed Him). He is concerned for them since they had depended on His visible presence and now He would soon be taken from them. Shocking events were ahead for the disciples and Jesus’ prayer was for the Father to care for them.

Verses 20-26
This part of the prayer is for the future generations of believers including you and me. Jesus prays for us to have unity and get along so that we could glorify God by our love for one another. Are there Christian people you need to forgive?