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Jonah, wk 2

Jonah Week #2 - "The Prayer"

  • Jonah 1:17 (to remind us where we are in the story)
  • Jonah 2 (Jonah's prayer and internal observations)
Message Questions & Discussion: (Questions for group discussion are italicized)
  • Finding your way back to God's will
    • Restoration is always available
      • Why do we typically believe that if we have made enough poor decisions, that we are on the no longer able to be in the center of God's will?
      • How / Why have you believed that?
    • Restoration doesn't always look like we want it to
      • Why do think restoration doesn't always look like we want it to?
      • How have you experienced God's restoration?
    • Restoration always begins by humbly approaching God
      • Why is this sometimes difficult to do?
      • What does you humbly approaching God look like?
      • Why is this such an important step?
  • No one is too far gone that they can't find themselves back in the center of God's will
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