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Week 3 Homework

As was mentioned with Ephesians 4, the Apostle Paul wrote this letter to the people of Ephesus to remind them of two things: 1) God’s immense love for them (Chapters 1-3); and 2) How a person should live who has experienced this great love. Ephesians 5 is very practical and addresses topics like sexual morality, speech, and marriage. Verse 15 is a great summary verse because it asks the reader to “be very careful, then, how you live” or to evaluate how you live and make sure you are pursuing a lifestyle that reflects the wisdom of God. This is a call to look at our lives and make sure we are not playing the part of the foolish.

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Journey HW Week 3

Points to Ponder:

Verse 1
In the original language that this letter was written, the phrase used here asks the readers to “imitate” Christ. We need to understand and look at His life so that we know how we are supposed to live. Know His lifestyle. We are called to follow it. See also Luke 6:35-36.

Verses 5
This verse is very strong warning to God’s people that lifestyle choices can have eternal consequences. Again, the theme of this chapter is evident - “be very careful, then, how you live.” God’s grace and forgiveness are still very evident, but not to be always taken for granted.

Verse 21
This verse is a key to this section about marriage. Paul is asking for mutual submission. We see every human being as a person we are to submit to in terms of love, forgiveness, service and kindness. No one is above another. If anything, we are asked to be the servants of all.

Verse 22 - 28
A tough section to understand in terms of our modern context. The key goes back to verse 21 and the idea to love as Christ loved the church. How did He love the church? He loved the church with forgiveness, sacrifice, mercy, patience, and even death. Love not mastery over another is the goal of Christian marriage.

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