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Journey 2016 – Homework: Week 2

Week 2 homework

The Apostle Paul wrote this letter to the people who lived in Ephesus and his main goal was twofold: 1) to remind them how great and wonderful was the love that God had for them (Ephesians 1:18-23) and 2) to remind them that this great love called out for them to love others with a similar love. Ephesians 4 spells out some very practical ways that we are to express that love. Paul was a prisoner at the time he wrote this letter and he was urging them (and today urging us) to live a life worthy of this great calling / love that we have received.

CLICK HERE to read Ephesians 4 (NLT)

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Journey 2016 HW2

Points to Ponder:

Verses 4-6
Paul uses the word “one” over and over again to teach us about unity. Just as there is one God so there is just one body of believers. You and I are intricately tied together where we are one.

Verses 7-16
We have all been given gifts to serve. We need to use our gifts to build up others. Remember, we are one.

Verse 32
A practical and great reminder of the main point of this chapter. If ever there was a verse to memorize, this would be a great one.

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