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Journey 2016 – Homework: Week 4

Week 4 Homework

The Gospel of Mark is called that because it was written by a man named John Mark and it is written to tell the good news (Gospel) of who Jesus truly was. Scholars believe that this letter is the first account of the life of Jesus that was ever written (kinda cool). The main reason John Mark wrote this book was teach people that Jesus truly was the promised Messiah (the one promised by God to deliver His people). As you read Mark 2, you will notice each story and its point that illustrates a characteristic of the promised Messiah.

CLICK HERE to read Mark 2. (NLT)

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Journey HW4

Points to Ponder:

Verse 5
Jesus sets himself apart from other teachers because he is proclaiming the power to forgive sins. He is stating that He can make people whole again both spiritually and physically. The Messiah forgave sins.

Verse 12
Jesus backed up His words of being able to forgive. The crowd was starting to sense that something was different about Jesus. Was God truly among them? The Messiah brought physical healing.

Verse 17
With this statement Jesus is stating that one of His main roles was to reach out to those in need and who were spiritually lost. Tax collectors, amongst the Jews, were very despised sinners. The Messiah came to call sinners to the Kingdom of God.

Verses 19-20
There was no need for His followers to mourn The promised one was with them. He will be taken away (predicting His death, but today was not that day). The Messiah was present with them.

Verse 28
Jesus is Lord over all laws. He is above all laws. He made all the laws. He knew the true intentions of all the laws. The Messiah was Lord over the law.

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