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A Long Road to Peace

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First off today January 4th, 2015 is my 15-year drug-free anniversary date. I have been sharing my story in various ways for 15 years now and I loved that John spoke about this on my anniversary day. I know John said not to write a novel but this is the shortest way of telling my story.

As a kid, my family moved around a lot all over Southern California. It seemed like every 3 years. We finally landed in a city called Big Bear my 3rd-grade year and I thought we would be staying there for good. We didn't, moving after my 7th-grade grade year to a place called Lake Arrowhead. I started another new school my 8th-grade year. I was a good athlete and it help me make friends but this time it was with the wrong the crowd.

My 8th grade year (94-95) I had my first experience with marijuana. I continued going to church with my family but started living a double life. I started High School and I continued the same lifestyle hanging out with the same people. I was able to continue playing at a high level athletically so I didn't think I was hurting myself. After my sophomore

After my sophomore year we moved again down to San Diego. At this my point my 3 older brothers had all graduated and I was so mad at my parents for moving again that I went off the deep end. I knew how to make friends fast, go to parties. So that's what I did. I stopped going to church and started living in a lot more sin.

I won't give all the details but I started selling drugs to make money, I continued drinking and smoking and also experimented with other drugs. By the time I was a senior I had lived this lifestyle and still ended up with football scholarships to San Diego St and Colorado St. I chose to play football at San Diego St. The only thing I had to do is get a high enough score on my SAT or ACT.

I took each one 3 times and failed every time. All my dreams were coming to crash. I graduated High School and moved into an apartment with my girlfriend and lived the same lifestyle. I started using crystal meth and getting in trouble with the law. When I was 20 I found myself in jail with no one to come pick up and nowhere to go. I had lost everything that I thought was important to me (money, girlfriend...etc).

My parents were the only ones that would pick me up from jail. They did and they gave me two options, go to a Christian Drug Rehab or go back to the streets. I know it was the hardest thing my parents have had to do. They took a chance at losing their son again if I didn't agree to go to rehab.

Well for the first time in about 10 years I prayed. It was the only thing I could think of. I knew I needed a change and a second chance. I decided to go to Rehab and it changed my life. It was crazy hearing the message today because Jan 4th 2000, 15 years ago to the day I left rehab a new man and drug free. After that I started sharing my story.

Since then I was able to go to a Christian college and major in Christian Ministries and play football. I was a youth pastor for a couple years and I worked at Heartlight Ministries (residential counseling facility for struggling teenagers) in East Texas, but I really wanted to coach football and mentor kids.

I met my wife at Heartlight Ministries and now live in Plano with 2 kids a college degree and I am the offensive coordinator at Mesquite Poteet High School. I get to minister to our inner city youth and share my story to them. God had a plan for me and I just need to give my life to him.



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