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Use GroupLink as your pathway to get connected at Hope!

At GroupLink, we partner with you to create a fun and friendly environment where you can connect with others in a similar stage of life to form a new Hope Fellowship Group. GroupLink is a four week commitment where you'll develop friendships with others, gain an understanding of biblical community, and be equipped to start a strong new group. A host and volunteers will be on hand to help you navigate the process of meeting others and connecting to a group. Once GroupLink is finished, your new group will kickoff with a plan and curriculum to get you started and put you in the best possible position to foster long term community among friends at Hope Fellowship.

The next GroupLink begins February 11, 2018. If you are interested in participating in GroupLink as an attender or a group leader and would like us to notify you when registration is available, please CLICK HERE.

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Group Link


Hope has two types of groups for you to get involved in, Home Groups and Interest Groups: Home Groups are small groups that meet in homes and allow you to be with others, dive into the Bible and discuss issues and challenges relevant to your life - they normally meet two times a month in people’s homes over the course of a semester; Interest Groups allow people to meet around a common interest for the sake of building friendships and community - they meet at various times and various locations.

Use Group Finder to find an existing group that fits your stage of life and the area of town you live, at anytime during the year.