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Nomads – Week 1 Devotionals

Daily Devotionals

See below for daily devotionals for Monday, January 9 - Friday, January 13.

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Nomads Jan 9 Devo
Join us for Day of Prayer at your campus. In the main auditorium you will find written guides for your time, various prayer stations, and a calm place to be with God and sense what God is calling you to do in 2017.
Nomads Jan 10 Devo

Read: CLICK HERE to read Genesis 12:1-5

Pray: Ask God to show you what He is calling you to in 2017.

Nomads Jan 11 Devo

Read: CLICK HERE to read Genesis 13:1-18

Observation: Sometimes conflict is inevitable in life. Even if we start with the best intentions, the circumstances of life simply bring conflict our way. Abraham was able to solve conflict in a way that was healthy, creative, and ensured he was a good neighbor.

Pray for you: Ask God to help you with a tough relationship in your life, and to give you creative ways to solve conflict.

Pray for others: Pray for the Police Officers of your city as they deal with conflict on a daily basis.

Nomads Jan 12 Devo

Read: CLICK HERE to read Genesis 14:17-20

Observation: Abraham met this mysterious character named Melchizedek, and knew he was from God. He knew the right thing to do was to give a tithe (10% of all he had) even though God had not asked for it.

Pray for you: As Abraham was generous in giving, ask God to show you how to be generous with the blessings He has given you.

Pray for others: 10% of all regular Hope Fellowship giving goes to our missions and outreach partners beyond the walls of our church. Pray for the “Hope Clinic” opening in Bangladesh next month as it seeks to meet the needs of that area.

Nomads Jan 13 Devo

Read: CLICK HERE to read Genesis 18

Observation: Though Abraham knew how broken, sinful and dark the city of Sodom was, he took time to pray and ask God to save the city.

Pray for you: Ask God to show you someone in your life that is in need of Him.

Pray for others: Pray for Hope’s re:generation ministry as it is reaching the tired, broken, and hurting in our area.

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