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Nomads – Week 4 Devotionals

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Thank you for joining us not only for the Nomad series, but as we journeyed through our 17 days of Prayer and Bible reading on the life of Abraham. There were so many things we learned through his life, his journey, and his decisions that we hope you related to at least one piece of it and it sticks with you. Another thing we hope sticks with you is the desire to read scripture and apply it to your life. There are a ton of great tools to help you in that process, and one that we highly recommend is jumping into a 'reading plan' from the Bible App. You can download the app straight to your smart phone, or to access it from any computer, just CLICK HERE. If you have more questions or need help getting started, reach out to your Campus Pastor and they will help point you in the right direction.

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Nomads Jan 30 Devo

Read: CLICK HERE to read Genesis 22:1-19

Observation: This story is an incredible account of Abraham’s obedience and God's provision. Abraham didn't question God's request. He didn't argue, he just obeyed. One of the many lessons we learn here is that obedience always leads to blessing. Despite all of Abraham's mistakes in the past (and there are a few), God still wanted to use him for His purposes. Is there anything God has been requesting of you that you have yet to obey? Maybe a phone call or an email to that person you need to ask for forgiveness. Maybe He's been nudging you to get connected in community here at Hope but you've yet to do anything about it. Perhaps it's about generosity or stewardship with your finances. Maybe you're engaging in willful sin and the Holy Spirit has been convicting you to stop. Whatever it is, obedience always leads to blessing. It's not always an easy road but it's the one that leads to the center of God's will for you life.

Pray for you: Ask God to show you areas in your life that you have not been obedient. Write them down and act on them today.

Pray for others: Pray for Hope Fellowship's spiritual temperature to rise. Pray for close friends perhaps in your home group or Bible study. Pray for next generation ministries and all of our adult ministries. Pray that all of our hearts would fully turn to the Lord and that all of us would continue to move to the center of His will for our lives.

Video devotional - Tuesday, January 31

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