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Week of Prayer – Day 2

Monday, August 17

Please watch the video before you start the prayer exercises below.

Please take out a piece of paper and write down the names of people who are going back to school. Say a prayer something like this for each person, “Lord, I pray for _____________. For this school year, I pray that You would protect his mind, his heart and his soul from all the evil that will try and persuade him away from Your truth. I pray that his heart will be enlarged for You, for the downtrodden, and for the things that break Your heart. I pray that he will know how immensely You love him and that he will find his value in no other place but in You. He is in Your hands, Father, mold him into the young man that You have called him to be and use him to show others Your love.” Amen.

IF YOU HAVE YOUNGER KIDS: Take a moment and say Aaron’s prayer from Numbers 6:22-27 for your child’s teacher, coach or whoever else works with them. Here is an example, “May the Lord bless _________________ and protect _________________. May the Lord smile on _________________ and be gracious to _________________. May the Lord show _________________ His favor and give ___________________ His peace.”

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