Week of Prayer - Day 3 | Hope Fellowship

Week of Prayer – Day 3

Tuesday, August 18

Please watch the video before you start the prayer exercises below.

Sample prayer to pray for your neighbors, “Lord I pray for ____________. I know you love her and long for her to receive your love and forgiveness. I pray that her heart would be open to your truth and that you would use me or send the right person to her to be the light of the good news of Jesus. Be with her God, protect her, and help her to receive your truth.”

CLICK HERE to download "The Art of Neighboring" handout and write the initials of your neighbors in the blank houses to remind you to pray for them.

IF YOU HAVE YOUNGER KIDS: Encourage your kids to think about a friend or two that they could invite to church with them during this school year. Make sure you write their names or initials on the "Art of Neighboring" handout.

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