Week of Prayer - Day 5 | Hope Fellowship

Week of Prayer – Day 5

Thursday, August 20

Please watch the video before you start the prayer exercises below.

If you have time read Revelation chapters 1-3, praying for Hope as you read.

Here is an example of how you can pray as you are reading through Revelation, “I pray for Hope Fellowship that we will not fall away from our love for God and for others. May we be known as a church with tremendous love and compassion for and from God as we continue to reach out to others.”

IF YOU HAVE YOUNGER KIDS: Ask your kids who their teacher, small group leader or children’s pastor is at their campus. Say a prayer for that person that God would help them continue to allow Him to use them to care for and love the kids of Hope Fellowship. If they don’t know those people who serve them, it would be a neat opportunity for your family to learn who those people are.

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