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Saturday Night Fights

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On April 22, 2001, I sat in the sanctuary at Shoreline Christian Center in Austin Texas listening to Pastor Rob Koke. Emotionally I was a wreck and trying to control my sobbing. It was as if Pastor Rob was speaking directly to me. And then I heard in my head the words, "Scott, you are where you are because you have separated yourself from me. You need to be in this place."

Let me back up. I was raised as a child in the Church of Christ and baptized my senior year of HS in 1977. But for most of my young adult life, I rarely darkened the doors of a Church or cracked the Bible.

In my early 30's I recommitted my life and began attending a Southern Baptist Church in Cedar Hill where I finally began walking with God on a more regular basis without letting go of the old self.

Then in 1997, we moved to Central Texas to begin a new career that I am still engaged today. For whatever reason for 4 years we never really found a new Church home and I began having a pretty bad time with depression. Enough that I was on medication and it was affecting our marriage relationship.

It was odd because from the outside looking in it was like, Scott & Carolyn have it all together. Living modestly but nice home, nice cars, nice trips, the job was great, I was respected at work, and well compensated. I had far more than I imagined including my beautiful high school sweetheart... Then why was I in such a dark place? Why was I miserable and hard to live with? Why?

I was searching. Before things could get better it got worse with some family issues. Carolyn and I had agreed to go to Shoreline for the Easter services but we had a really bad fight on Saturday night. We agreed again the following week to go to Shoreline on Sunday.

Yet another horrible Saturday night fight.

This time I was determined to go to Shoreline. My prayers had begun to change from I'm of no use take me in my sleep tonight to where is the silver lining in all of this? What am I suppose to be learning? CHANGE ME, GOD!!! A distant light began to shine in the darkness and somehow I just knew we had to find a Church...

And there I was sobbing in the sanctuary at Shoreline. I went home that day and pulled up a chair in front of Carolyn and prayed with her for the first time in a long time. Boy did it take a long time to recover. From that day on I have walked with God.

When we relocated back to North Texas, Frisco. It was our #1 priority to find a new Church home. And Hope has been wonderful. We are both connected and growing in Christ because of the vision and environment created here at Hope.

I could go on and on because there are so many Bible lessons here for men, marriage, relationships, accountability, developing spiritual disciplines, overcoming. But I'll stop. Thank God for Hope!



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