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A Sense of Peace

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I grew up attending church with my parents at a very young age, I was part of children's choir and as I got older I started helping in the 2yr old class. When I was 16 one of my pastors came to me and asked me to lead the 2s class. I led the class up until my parents separated right before I turned 19.

It was then my Pastor came to me and told me that the Church felt I needed to step down from my class because of my parents' situation. I was hurt, confused and ultimately quit attending church for some time because I felt unwanted and unworthy.

It wasn't until my soon to be husband (Brent) and I moved to the Dallas area that we both felt an urge that we needed to find a church for our kids that we would one day have. Funny thing is that God was finding a Church home for us and not just our kids. We had been testing out churches for several months and thought we found one, but it didn't work out and I once again felt unwanted and unworthy by a church.

Then My best friend passed away April 7, 2007, a week before our wedding. I was lost, broken and didn't think I would be ok, A piece of me was gone. Brent and I woke up the next day (April 8, 2007) feeling this urge that we needed to try Hope.

I really wish I could remember the message, but I don't, I just remember a sense of peace that I would be ok and that I was home. I had found the hope and acceptance I needed at Hope.


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