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Solus Christus, Wk 5, 3-18-18

Home Group Questions – Solus Christus: Part 5 – 3/17-3/18

Solus Christus (In Christ Alone) – The Life of Jesus

We are so grateful for all of our Campus Pastors and the truth they spoke for us this weekend. Since we do not have a stream and every message is slightly different, we wanted to give everyone a chance to start preparing for Holy Week and Easter by digging into the "I AM" statements found in John. 

Take a few minutes to check in with everyone in your group.

READ: John 6:35
"I am the bread of Life"
ENGAGE: Tell the group about a time in your life where Jesus sustained you and satisfied you.

READ: John 8:12
"I am the light of the world"
ENGAGE: How has God shed light on your sin in the recent months or provided light in a dark moment?

John 10:7
"Very truly I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep"
Discuss with the group a time where God has led you into the center of His will or made a way for you.

READ: John 10:11
"I am the good shepherd"
Explain a time in your life that God has taken care of you, sought you out in your sin or made your relationship with him extremely personal.

READ: John 11:25-26
"I am the resurrection and the life"
READ: John 11:1-44
Take some time as a group to disect this story. How was Jesus using this instance to display a characteristic of God?

READ: John 14:6
"I am the way and the truth and the life"
When did you start to believe this? Tell the group quickly about how you came to know Christ.

READ: John 15:1-4
"I am the true vine"
What does this verse tell us about the relationship we should have with the Lord?

Take prayer requests and have everyone pray for the person to their left.
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