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Stranger Things, Love (Week 4)

Home Group Questions – Stranger Things: Part 4 – 11/25-11/26

Stranger Things – The Upside-Down World
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Take a few minutes to check in with everyone in your group.
What are 5 things you are thankful for?

READ: Matthew 5:43-48

ENGAGE: What are three to five everyday ways you can love your enemy?
ENGAGE: We have all had those people in our lives that are tough to love well, or even at all. Name one way you will love that person this week.

READ: Matthew 5:38-42

ENGAGE: The natural response to the things in this passage are not even close to how Jesus says to respond. Does this upside down way show itself in your life or do you tend to seek retaliation?

ENGAGE: How do you engage with social media? Do you use it as a platform to stir division or bring peace? How can you engage a bit differently on social media this week to respond as Jesus notes in the above passage?

READ: Matthew 7: 1-5

ENGAGE: We have to be healthy or we will never respond in healthy ways. How are you working to be a healthy person? What are you intentionally doing to address the spec in your own eye?
ENGAGE: We can’t control others behaviors but we can control our response. We do so by being healthy. We all have something within our circle (aka ourselves) that we need to address. If we were to be honest, there’s probably multiple things. Name one or two things you want to work on through the end of this year.

READ: Romans 12: 1-2

ENGAGE: Worship is giving your whole self to God, not just singing songs to him on the weekend. How do you plan to worship God this week? How will you change your response to others? What are some practical ways you will seek to be healthy this week?

Broc mentioned a few ways to get healthy:
Get God’s Word in your core
Pray for those that bother you or are different than you
Don’t isolate - be in community
Work on your circle through things like counseling, re:gen or re|engage

ENGAGE:How can your group keep you accountable to engaging in one of the above ways to get healthy? What is your time line for these things? What goals do you want to accomplish? What are the steps you plan to take to move toward healthy?

Take prayer request and pray together.

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