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Unstoppable, Wk 1. 4/8/18

Home Group Questions – Unstoppable: Part 1 – 4/7-4/8

Unstoppable – Unstoppable Promise
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Take a few minutes to check in with everyone in your group.
What have you done with Easter this week? How have you followed up with your family or friends you invited to church?

1. The unstoppable promise of the church.

READ: Matthew 16:13-18 (NLT)

ENGAGE: The church is a movement.We are all moving somewhere: towards Him in growth, towards His will, as well as towards our neighbor. How are both of these things playing out in your life? How are you moving towards His will? How are you moving towards your neighbors and those that are far from Christ?

ENGAGE: If you or someone you know are in the shadows and being a spectator of the church, how can you encourage them to be a part of what He is doing?

ENGAGE: What does it practically look like for you to engage in worship, engage in growth, engage with our neighbors, and engage with the next generation? If you aren’t currently engaging in these four ways, how do you plan to move forward?

READ: Ephesians 4:11-16 (NLT)

ENGAGE: The word of God is important, especially as we look to raise up the next generation. How is it relevant and influential in your own household?

2. The unstoppable promise of Power (The Holy Spirit)

READ: John 14:15-17 (NLT)
John 16:5-15 (NLT)
READ: Acts 1:4-5 (NLT)
READ: Acts 1:8 (NLT)

ENGAGE: Name a time that the Holy Spirit guided you recently and empowered you to live in His will?

3. The unstoppable promise of Christ’s return

READ: Acts 1:11 (NLT)
READ: Matthew 24:30-31 (NLT)
READ: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 (NLT)

ENGAGE: Why is this important? It gives us perspective, it gives us hope, and it gives us incentive. When you are in tough spaces or don’t understand the circumstances you are living, what are some ways you can find perspective, hope and incentive in Christ’s return?

READ: Philippians 3:12b (NLT)

ENGAGE: Are you a serious part of the movement? Are you using your gifts to be a part of the church?
ENGAGE: Are you walking in the power Jesus promised us?
ENGAGE: Are you living in light of the Lord’s return?

Take prayer requests and have the everyone pray for the person to their right.

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