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Unstoppable, Wk 4 – 05/06/18

Home Group Questions: Unstoppable Faith 5/5/18-5/6/18
Unstoppable Faith - Josh Wright

  • How would you define unstoppable faith?
  • What would unstoppable faith look like that is lived out in our modern world?
If you want to have an unstoppable faith:
  1. You have to remember where you were (remember that you were desperately in need of God's grace and forgiveness)
    "Saul knew everything about God, then he met Jesus."
    You remember where you were to remember how good God is, not how bad you were
    Question - What are some ways God has shown his grace and forgiveness to you? 
  2. You have to remember where you are going.
    Acts 23:11
    Acts 27:7-10 (God used Paul in the midst of what seemed utter chaos for him)
    Question - What has God called you to do in this life? / What is his purpose for you?

Two temptations we often have to stop pursuing our unstoppable faith

  • I must not have been good enough
  • This is "good enough" - temptation to settleQuestion - What thoughts / things keep you from pursuing an unstoppable faith?
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