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We Knew We Were Home

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I've always been a Christ follower. Even when my Mom passed at a young age, I never doubted in Jesus or the existence of God. Every Sunday we would go to church. Stand. Kneel. Sit. Repeat. I did this for years.

I met my husband in college where we both would attend services together. Stand. Kneel. Sit. Repeat. Cole and I eventually got married in that church and again, were attending every Sunday.

About 6 months into our marriage we went on Sunday just as we had done for years. About 10 minutes into the sermon Cole and I looked at each other and just knew we thought the same thing. "Why are we are? We're just going to go. What are we learning?" We ended up walking out of church with utter frustration.

After some discussion, Cole and I decided to venture out and try other churches to see what there was to offer. Was there more to God than just going to church?

The moment we walked in to Hope we knew we were home. I'll never forget that first car ride home with Cole. We talked. We talked about the service and how it applies to our lives. We talked all week! We knew that this was our church.

Four years later Cole and I have been baptized, our girls love going, we serve, and I now teach multiple students/teenagers who attend Hope. (Sometimes they forget I actually attend. I'm just "the lady who opens the doors.")

This church has challenged us on our faith every Sunday and we wouldn't have it any other way.


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