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Easter Week of Prayer

Wednesday, March 23

CLICK HERE to read Luke 22:7-38

Imagine yourself reclining at the table with Jesus and the disciples. Jesus looks you in the eyes and hands you the cup. At that moment you know that He will wipe away all your sins and completely forgive you. What do you say back to Him?

This Friday night at 7 PM there will be an online devotional led by Pastor John McKinzie. At that time, we will take communion together as a church family. We ask that you gather some communion elements for your time. We suggest using bread and grape juice for the elements.

If you have younger kids:

Parents talk to your children about right and wrong and how we all do wrong, but Christ offers us the opportunity to be forgiven of all the wrong things we do. Give your kids examples of sinful things that they can relate to: taking a friend or sibling’s toy; disobeying mom, dad or teacher; being hateful to a friend.

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Easter Week of Prayer - Wednesday