Prayer Guide

New guides posted each week throughout November.

Week 4: November 26-30

Week 4: November 26-30 Day 16 : Prayer for our cities “Dear God, thank for the amazing growth we have seen in this area as more and more people keep moving to North Texas. I pray for our leaders as they navigate this journey of new growth and new cultures...

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Week 3: November 19-23

Week 3: November 19-23 Day 11: Prayer for Hope Kids, Hope Students and YA “God thank you so much for the children, teenagers and young adults that are a part of Hope Fellowship and for those that will soon be here. We pray that you would protect them,...

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Week 2: November 12-16

Week 2: November 12-16 Day 6: Prayer for family relationships to be strengthened. "Dear God, I pray right now for each member of my family by name. (_____) that you would bless them with good health. That you would let them always know how much they are...

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Week 1: November 5 – 9

Week 1: November 5 - 9 Day 1: Prayer for Hope’s Fearless Future "Dear God, I pray right now for Hope Fellowship to continue to be a light to this community. We ask that as the name of Jesus is lifted higher, that you would grow your people. Grow our church...

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