Campus Coordinator

Full Time

Frisco East Office 


  • Coordinate campus tasks, projects, events, and communications
  • Interact with attendees and staff daily through phone, email, social media, and face-to-face
  • Help the Campus Pastor care for Frisco East campus
  • Help the Frisco East Staff succeed in all areas


  • An upbeat, positive personality and high energy
  • The ability to take initiative and anticipate needs of others
  • High ability to communicate – both written and oral
  • Teachable, accepts feedback well and able to multitask well
  • The epitome of a “people” person while able to keep the teams maintaining a standard of excellence
  • Finds joy in helping others succeed, be the best at what they do, and excel at catching the little details that can get missed.

Assisting with Grow Department:

  • Bible Studies & Classes on Planning Center (i.e. classroom/childcare needs)
  • Bible Studies & Classes Communications request
  • Add curriculum/slides to ProP/Roku for Bible Studies & Classes
  • Assist with setup in classrooms for Bible Studies & Classes
  • Deposit registrations
  • Process group childcare reimbursement requests
  • Enter all back end info for new group leaders: personal profile, update groups website, etc.
  • Bible Studies & Classes and Home Groups interest emails/workflow
  • Schedule service prayer teams

Assisting with Connections Department:  

  • Follow Up with non confirmed volunteers, scheduling conflicts
  • Inventory: Connect Track, Hospitality, Auditorium, Lobby, Baptism, Volunteer room
  • Order supplies needed
  • Setup Special events in Lobby on weekends
  • Assist managing volunteers and Sunday setup when needed/2 Saturday a month
  • Manage baptism supplies and activity
  • Handle Connect Track setup/tech/Teach some weeks of Connect Track
  • Workflow follow up weekly
  • Help recruit volunteers for special events and weekend teams
  • Prepare on boarding materials weekly for new volunteers
  • Assist with Leader Development or training sessions
  • Lead and manage teams as needed during weekend services
  • Manage Auditorium reset team and supplies

Campus Assistance:  

  • Compile Campus meeting notes, calendar, etc and assist in Frisco East team meeting
  • Assist as needed with any Campus Level events
  • Order supplies on a campus level (Office, Breakroom, etc)
  • Help Campus Pastor coordinate room usage/resolve resource conflicts
  • Manage Deliveries to campus
  • Help Campus Pastor prioritize building operational needs, and regularly interfacing with the operations team to keep priorities current.
  • Coordinate Care events on the campus (i.e. funeral scheduling, supplies, etc)
  • Be a campus liaison for every ministry when we have questions and walk ups.
  • Assist in helping contractors gain entry to appropriate places in the building and connecting them with Operations.
  • Quality control for cleaning and operations.

Basic Schedule:

  • Office hours – Monday through Thursday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Weekend hours – 2x a month Saturday service, Sunday all services
  • Other hours and events as needed