Campus Project Serve Day

Each campus will spend time putting together packets of snacks and encouraging words for communities around our area! Our goal is to show our first responders, educators, and veterans how much they are appreciated and each campus will focus on one of these groups for all of Hope Fellowship’s surrounding areas. 
If you’re unable to serve the day of, no problem! Below you’ll find a list of DIY serves you can do on your own or as a family! (LIST BELOW)
Spots are limited so sign up today!


Take a treat to your neighbor or co-workers.
Cook or buy a meal and deliver it to a friend. It could be someone who is busy with a new baby or sick child, a new neighbor or a co-worker who is having a tough week. It will be a huge stress reliever! 
Buy a coffee, hot chocolate, or soda for someone. It could be a crossing guard, school teacher, or someone you don’t know. 
Choose a day and be intentional on giving out compliments. Be sure to give out a minimum of five a day. 
Choose a food shelter near you and purchase new items on their need list and deliver.
Take a treat to your neighbor or co-workers. 
Make some cookies and deliver them to your local firehouse.
Pick up litter around your neighborhood. 
Send an encouraging card to someone.
Be intentional about giving compliments. As a family, give out a minimum of five on an appointed day.