Care and Support

This webpage lists all the ways that Hope Fellowship is set up to be that care and support for your journey.

This life journey can be tough to navigate. There are bumps in the road, experiences we need to process, continual learning that needs to happen, and a continual need for people to offer us care and support along the way.


Re:generation is a discipleship and recovery ministry for adults ages 18 and over rooted in God’s Word, the 12 steps, and small groups. Many people have found freedom from substance abuse, codependency, pornography, eating disorders, depression, fear, control, emotional/physical abuse, sexual sin, anger, obsessive thoughts, and many other personal struggles.


At re|engage, you and your spouse will spend about an hour and a half a week reconnecting, resurrecting, or reigniting your marriage with weekly teaching and discussion in a small group setting with other couples who are all looking for marital health and oneness.

Click below to see our list of recommended counselors.


Our counseling philosophy is based on two main ideas: God did not intend for you to do life alone, and unless you have a place to be ruthlessly honest about yourself, you are not as healthy and whole as you can be.

Pastoral Counseling

We have pastors who have years of experience in listening, connecting to resources and praying with people. Below are links to their calendars so you can pick a time and a way of meeting (in person, phone call, or zoom) that works best for you.

  • Broc Jahnke (Lead Care & Support Pastor) – calendly.com/brocjahnke
  • Always feel free to contact your Campus Pastor as well (hopefellowship.net/staff)

Professional Counseling

We have developed relationships with some wonderful Christian counselors and therapists in the area. There is a cost involved on your part, but these are professionals we trust that will give you great guidance and godly principles. Feel free to contact them to check on price and availability.

Care and Support Groups

Several times throughout the year we offer classes to help you navigate through specific issues. Classes include: Grief Recovery, Divorce Care, Financial Workshops
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Getting Married

If you are engaged and looking to get married in the near future, we have an online seminar that we would love for you to be a part of. You will work through some great foundational truths about what it means to be in a God centered relationship. Once you’ve completed the seminar, you will meet with one of the leaders of Hope Fellowship’s marriage ministry to go through your premarital assessment so that you can be equipped and aware of how to best navigate your relationship. (We are still in the process of developing this course and hope to have it done in September)

If you would like for a Hope pastor to perform you wedding, please CLICK HERE to fill out a form so we can have all the details.


If a loved one has passed away, we would be honored to support you and help you plan their funeral / memorial service. Please click below to contact Lynda Tombrella and she will guide you through this difficult time.
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We have a group of people that are dedicated to praying for the needs of the people of Hope Fellowship. We absolutely believe that God cares for and intervenes on behalf of his people.

Please submit your prayer requests below and we will join with you to seek God’s hope and provision.

If you are experiencing a difficult time financially, we have several resources available for you to explore. We work with many local agencies that are designed to help in times of need. Please call 211 if you live in the Dallas area or go to helpfinder.org for a list of agencies that would be a good fit for you.

We also have a program in the church where we can from time to time help out with financial issues. Please apply below and someone will be in touch with you very soon.

Additional Resources

Click on the graphics below to check out other resources we have for you so that you can continue learning whenever your schedule allows

Mindful Marriage

The Mindful Marriage Podcast

Re:generation Facebook Group


Re|engage Facebook Group

Right Now Media

Our church is always looking for ways to serve you as you live out your faith throughout the week. Therefore, we would like to invite you to an exciting new video library called RightNow Media.