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Prayer for the month of december:

december 4 | iran

Iran is a Muslim cleric-ruled country that has seen uprisings and protests in 2022 against the current form of government. While they are 98% Muslim, God has been moving in this country through the internet, broadcast through radio and satellite, and the underground church. Pray for protection for the believers, as they try and reach their family and neighbors. 

december 11 | north korea

North Koreans are shielded from the outside world, information about the Christian church is limited, and religious persecution is intense. There is an underground church presence, but most North Koreans have never heard the name of Jesus. Pray that His presence will be made known and there will be protection for those who are sharing His love with others. 

december 18 | Panama

Panama is considered the Bridge to the World due to its geographic location. Pray that strong Christian impact on the multitude of nationalities passing through the Canal Zone. They have opportunities to reach a wide range of immigrants from around the world.

December 24 | iran

Iran is a Shi'ite Muslim cleric-ruled country making it almost impossible to spread the Gospel without immediate government punishment, yet the individuals are coming to Christ despite the certain persecution. Today there is unrest as there are protests against the injustice and oppression of women. Pray that this time gives the church opportunities to share the Gospel and that they have supernatural strength and courage in these difficult circumstances.

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