prayer for the month of december:

December 6 | Somalia
All Somalis are expected to be muslim. Through threats, expulsion or death they force Christians to be a part of the clan. Christians there are in need of protection, favor and boldness, as any profession of their faith not only leaves them in a tough position, but puts their lives at risk.

December 13 | Syria
One of the most war torn places in the world. There are many divisions and factions in this country and millions have sought refuge in neighboring countries and around the world. Syria is in need of peace that only Christ can bring. While most have fled, God is still working in the lives of those there. Pray that He is revealed throughout this war torn country.

December 20 | Israel
The chosen land of scripture is home to many historical and religious sites for many religions.  There has been an increase in the spread of the Gospel there and the house churches growth. Pray that God's grace is empowering and encouraging to the leaders of the church.

December 27 | Denmark
There are deep roots in Christian principles and traditions in this country. While an overwhelming number consider themselves Christian, only 2 percent are active in church attendance. There's been much disillusion among the younger generations. Pray for revival for the church in Denmark!

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