Due to inclement weather, ALL Sunday services will take place ONLINE ONLY! All events scheduled for Sunday AND Monday have been cancelled.

prayer for the month of April:

April 4 | Haiti
Haiti is only able to feed 55% of its population. Pray that those who receive our packed meals knows they have a God who loves them. And pray that love multiples throughout their families and neighborhoods.

April 11 | Chile
Chile is a country with a very small percentage of people who attend and identify themselves with a church. Pray for the revival of the church as they actively seek to serve and evangelize throughout their communities.

April 18 | Bosnia
After years of civil unrest and a divided country, these are people who are often divided due to religion. Pray that the church is able to reach across that divide to show and tell others about Jesus Christ.

April 25 | Philippines
This beautiful land is riddled with poverty, in which 1/3 currently live. This along with much radical influence and threat has many living in fear. Pray for the church and missionaries, that they have protection and favor as they share the Gospel.

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