How to grow spiritually at Hope

by Amy Kryzak

Something Was Missing. But I Found It at Hope.

A couple of years ago, I realized that my “fulfilled” life had become less than fulfilling. I had a good marriage, two young, healthy kids, and all the other outward signs of success and happiness. But I felt an emptiness that was starting to creep into other areas of my life, so I began to troubleshoot.

Am I getting enough sleep? Yep.

Drinking enough water? Kinda…

Self-care Starbucks and Target runs? Absolutely.

When I began to wonder if the answer was something deeper, I suddenly realized I was missing the spiritual piece of the puzzle. I had grown up in church and thought I knew the ropes, so the revelation came as a quite the surprise.

Remember Tuesday night visitation? Where well-meaning church members would ambush last Sunday’s guests at dinnertime to hand out “What if?” pamphlets and Gideon Bibles. That was me. Thursday night spaghetti supper in the Fellowship Hall? I was there with my plastic gloves and hair net. I was the glue that held that youth group together. 

Tired of kissing boo-boos

But over the years as my family and responsibilities grew, my desire and availability to serve and grow diminished. Not on purpose, but life just became busy. We attended church every Sunday, and I read The Jesus Storybook Bible to my kids each night, but I had replaced my personal spiritual growth with the motions of spirituality.

I was checking the go-to-church box and staying on top of my responsibilities and schedules as a mother, but I was struggling to love my husband and kids the way I knew I should. Not to mention I was feeling pretty isolated when the bulk of my daily conversations were with toddlers. I knew what I was doing was important, but I still missed feeling part of something larger than changing diapers and kissing boo-boos.

The turning point

I learned that Hope offers different ways to get involved across all campuses to work with any busy schedule. And then I learned the best part… CHILDCARE IS PROVIDED!

I was sooo in.

As I became more involved, I felt several aspects of my life start to get back on track. I was slowly able to create more time in my schedule by saying “no” to less-important things so that I could make time to read, study, and enjoy my most important relationship with God. With my spiritual piece back in place, I feel more fulfilled and content than I have in a long while. God is so good.

Maybe you feel too busy to take any time for yourself to grow spiritually? I promise, there’s something for you here that can work with even the busiest schedule! Hope makes it easy to spiritually feed yourself and your family! Plus CHILDCARE

Here are a few examples:

  • Bible studies and classes– Available for women and men across all campuses at various times of the day. Grab a coffee, check the kids in, and take some time to refill your own spiritual tank.
  • Re|engage– This class single-handedly taught me and my husband how to communicate again. No matter the state of your marriage (good, bad, or ugly) re|engage will equip you with tools necessary to navigate your most intimate relationship.
  • Re:generation– No one is exempt from hurt and struggles. Re:generation offers a safe space for you to work through these struggles to experience new life and freedom in Christ. 
  • Connect Track– If you want to get involved at Hope but don’t know where to start, Connect Track is the perfect place to begin.
  • Home Groups– Our Home Group brings me so much joy. Home Groups are a great excuse to allocate some time to socialize and grow with fellow believers on your own schedule. (While childcare is not provided for individual Home Group meetings, Hope will help reimburse the cost of an independent babysitter/childcare of your choosing). 

Whether those things work for you or they don’t, let me encourage you to find a way to move things around in your schedule and make room for God to do some amazing things in your life you couldn’t even imagine! It’s what He’s doing for me, and I know He’ll do it for you. 


  1. Mercedes (Marcie)Arthur

    Interested to find out if you have a woman’s ministry?

    • Seth Muse

      Mercedes, we don’t have an official women’s ministry. We do, however, have regular women’s bible studies and an annual women’s conference called “Brave.” Bible studies take breaks from time to time, so check hopefellowship.net/classes to find a study at the campus near you and what time it meets. Thanks!


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