How to share your testimony

by Seth Muse

I think every believer is a little bit scared to share our testimony about Jesus. 

Why wouldn’t we be? I know we don’t live in first-century Rome and face lions in the Coliseum because we are Christians, but the world is becoming increasingly hostile to people of many kinds of faith. So what is it that has most of us on edge when it comes to telling others about Jesus?

I think a big source of fear is that we honestly don’t know how to articulate it. 

A testimony is easier than we make it

There are about a million acrostics, pneumonic devices, and color bracelets out there that help us share the Gospel, but the easiest and possibly the strongest tool is your own personal story, often called a “testimony.”

Just think about why you buy things. Are you more likely to buy a mobile device you read about in an ad online or the one your friend bought that they can’t stop talking about? Probably the one that comes with a testimony from someone you know and trust. That’s the power of a Christian testimony: you’re not just a spokesperson, you’re a card-carrying member!

So let’s talk about the basics of how to share your story.

3 Parts of the Personal Testimony


Part 1: Life before Jesus

Talk about the kind of person you were before becoming a Christian. What kinds of things did you do? How did you feel? What was going on in your life that made you trust in Jesus? Then you can get more detailed in part 2.

Part 2: What made you trust in Jesus?

In this section, talk about the situation and circumstances that led you to consider and ultimately trust in Jesus with your soul. Was it a divorce? Did you lose your job? Did a relationship change in your family? Or maybe someone just sat down to talk to you at a coffee shop and said something about Jesus you’d never heard and it set you off on a safari through the Bible for answers? Whatever the situation, explain what lead you to faith. Then tell about how you made that decision public.

Part 3: Life after Jesus

Last, talk about how Jesus has changed your life. Go back to the way you were before Jesus and how you’re different now. How do you feel? What is your outlook on life like now? Why do you continue to go to church and worship if Jesus has already saved you? 

Get into the details of your life now. People need to see that Jesus gives us eternal life in heaven and saves us from hell, but that he gives our life on earth new purpose and meaning too!

Wrap it up

If you can learn to tell your story in three parts, you’ll have an easier time remembering the details of your story and you’ll be able to convey a clear message of hope and love to others through your testimony. It may help to write it out a few times first before you try to tell the story.

Now it’s your turn. Try to write out your testimony and use the three parts to make it clear and concise. Someone may read this article months or years from now and need to hear how Jesus has impacted your life!


  1. Lisa B

    Thank you, Seth. You’ve successfully hit home in how to break it down, streamline it, and get the core message across. Sometimes the whole story can be cumbersome and awkward, yet this is a map of sorts to let the key points lead the way. Much appreciated. God bless you always. ?

    • Seth Muse

      Thanks, Lisa! Our story is powerful because Jesus’ ability to transform lives is powerful! Glad it helps.


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