Outreach Administrative Assistant

Full Time

Central Office 

The purpose of the Outreach Administrative Assistant is to help extend the arm of Hope into the community, demonstrating the love of Christ to others while helping people develop a passion to serve others. They play a vital role in helping plan, organize and implement opportunities for people to serve with Hope on trips, at Project Serve events and in the community.


  • Work under the Outreach Pastor’s leadership and provide support for outreach programs that serve the larger community.
  • Help organize monthly meetings with fellow church outreach leaders.
  • Work within Hope’s Planning Center to set up and implement quarterly Project Serve events for Hope Fellowship.
  • Maintain promotion and communication for Missions/Outreach Department.
  • Establish communication with local organizations, encouraging and creating opportunities for Hope attendees to serve beyond the church doors.
  • Work with communications and ministry departments to convey the serve opportunities available for all of Hope.
  • Set up, plan and organize team gatherings and trainings throughout the year, approximately 10.
  • Implement Project Serve opportunities throughout the year in all areas of Hope, Bible Studies & Classes across all campuses, conferences, children’s ministry, large services etc. Wherever there are availabilities to activate our people to serve others outside our walls, we want to offer serve opportunities!!
  • Set up and secure travel arrangements for teams throughout the year.


  • Must be self-motivated and high energy.
  • Must be servant hearted and enjoy anticipating the needs of the Outreach Pastor/Department
  • Must be able to adapt quickly in chaotic situations and think like a problem solver.
  • Must have excellent organizational skills and time management.
  • Individual should be resourceful, strategic and detailed.
  • Have a passion for the church and helping others.
  • Be adept in verbal and written communication.