Serve our World

Dear children, let’s not just merely say that we love one another; let us show it by our actions. – 1 John 3:18

The world is desperate for the love of Christ, but how to share that can seem difficult and uncomfortable. Showing compassion and love can speak volumes. Hope Fellowship’s goal is to engage people in communities by partnering with established ministries in the US around the world.

How to Raise Support

How to Raise Support

Upcoming Trips


September 14-22 ($1,900)

We will serve alongside our church partner, Iglesia en Transformacion, loving and ministering to over 120 children who are at risk in the neighborhood of Los Pinos.

Royal Family Kids Camp

July 28 – August 2, 2019 ($100)

Help create positive memories for children in the local foster care system. For ages 16 and older (15 if parent is volunteering).

Sponsor a Trip

Unfortunately, not everyone can physically go on a trip but can participate through giving. Many begin the fundraising process after their application submission and are blessed when others give. There are also costs for ministry and you can help to pay for that through a donation.

How to raise support

Team members are encouraged to raise support.


If we did not answer your questions about a trip, please contact us for more details.

Common questions

What happens on a trip?

Each trip is different, so be sure to click on the trip you’re interested in to find out more information. Here’s what happens regardless of the trip you participate in:

  • You’ll expand your perspective, experience how others outside of your local community worship God with passion.
  • You become more grateful for what the little blessings in life, like a home, running water, etc.
  • You’ll find friends that become like family. Each trip has a unique experience, and these relationships can last a lifetime.
  • You’ll overcome fears. Many of us live with doubts about how God can use us like we’re not wise enough or seasoned enough, but God uses these times to grow us and recognize that He can use us right where we are.
  • You’ll show support and love to the missionaries and ministries we are serving alongside.
Do I need a passport?

All trips outside of the continental U.S. require a passport. Each person is responsible for their own passport. We recommend taking care of this at least 2 months prior to leaving for the trip.

Do I need to be a member of hope fellowship to go on a trip?

Hope Fellowship attendees/members will be given the first priority for a trip, but all are welcome as long as there is space available.

How do I know my application went through?

You should receive a confirmation email after submission. If you did not, please fill it out again or contact the church office.

Are scholarships available?

We do not offer scholarships or sponsorships but CLICK HERE for ideas on how to raise support.