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ROblealto Child SPonsorship

We want to introduce you to Hope’s newest ministry partner, located in Costa Rica called Roblealto. For 89 years they’ve offered care to children who have been abandoned, abused, and neglected. In addition to serving over 100 children in their Bible Home in a remote area, they have centers across San Jose that serve over 900 children.

It’s in one of these communities that we’d like you to be personally involved through child sponsorship.

Los Guidos is a slum, urban-marginal community located in the Desamparados (the Abandoned Ones) county. There are 42,000 people living in this small radius, 60% of them are children under the age of 16. The community suffers from:

  • Drug addiction and gangs
  • School dropout 
  • Prostitution
  • Violence
  • Sanitation problems

Roblealto placed themselves right in the middle of hurt in Los Guidos, and they built a Child Care and Family Development Center for 210 children in Los Guido to bring hope and restoration to this hurting community.

What $30 a month sponsorship means to a Roblealto child:

1. You know you are helping a child in real need of support

The Roblealto Child Care Association cares for the most needed children in Costa Rica who come from broken families in urban-marginal communities. A thorough socio-economic evaluation takes place before admitting the children to not only determine the need, but also elaborate a plan tailored to help each child and his/her family based on their circumstances and needs.

2. You are supporting a child’s family break out of poverty and put an end to vicious cycles within the family

In Roblealto, we believe and defend a child’s right to a family. However, broken families have dysfunctional patterns that keep them from thriving, and tend to neglect children and jeopardize their future. Therefore, by sponsoring a child, you help the child directly with protection, education and nourishment. You also support his/her family with parenting classes, trade-training programs, psychological counseling and workshops, trading vicious cycles into virtuous ones.

3. Your financial contribution is entirely invested in your sponsored child and family

Roblealto has a poultry farm that generates the funds necessary to cover the administrative expenses of the organization. Therefore, every dollar donated to Roblealto is invested in the children’s programs completely.

4. You are being part of an organization that has 89 years of history and a 95% success rate

Roblealto was founded in 1932 by European missionaries Harry and Susan Strachan. For the past 89 years the mission remains the same: drawing people close to the Lord and His unfailing love and cutting the cycles of dysfunction and poverty in one generation.

5. There is a large number of children in need of sponsors

Due to the great need for our services, Roblealto increased the number of children in its programs by 23% between 2017 and 2018. These 209 children each need each a sponsor that will contribute to the transformation of their lives.

6.  You get to learn the background story of your sponsored child and are able to communicate with him/her and his/her family if desired

In addition to learning why your sponsored child needs your help, you can also send emails or letters to Roblealto for your child. The letters will be translated back and forth by the staff responsible for establishing and maintaining a bridge of communication between you and your sponsored child.

7. Your support has an impact in the extension of God’s kingdom

Every discipline in Roblealto has its foundation in God and the Bible. Evangelizing people and sharing the good news of salvation to our children and families is a priority in our programs. We strongly believe that the transformation of a life and long-lasting changes can only come from the Lord, thus, He comes first and foremost in Roblealto.