Due to inclement weather, ALL Sunday services will take place ONLINE ONLY! All events scheduled for Sunday AND Monday have been cancelled.

group leader resources

We want our group leaders to have quick access to all the resources, portals and training
materials so we have gathered them all together in one place.

Group Portal

RightNow Media

Say hello to the streaming library of Bible study videos that inspires faith every day of the week. This is completely free to you!

  1. Create an account – To create an account text RightNow Hope to 41411 or click here.
  2. Download App – Once you have created your account, download the app.

Hope Library

We have a library of resources we have purchased that is available for your group to check-out. This is subject to availability. Contact our Grow Assistant, Mandi, at mmilton@hopefellowship.net to inquire about checking a study out.
  • Hope Library – Click here to view our Grow Curriculum for Bible Studies, Classes, & Home Groups.

Grow Staff


kristin ballantyne

frisco west

joe brosseau

frisco east

josh morgan


mike martin

Leader development pastor

stephanie jordan