Prayer for the month of September:


September 6 | Germany
Germany has growing grassroots, prayer movements, house churches and evangelical initiatives that have the potential to reach Germans who are lost, but the growing Muslim population is expanding there as well. Pray for these small groups, that God is able to work through them and multiply his Kingdom.
September 13 | Venezuela
Venezuela is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and has one of the most diverse populations. It has also suffered from economic and political strife as well as violence. Pray that the Christians here come together in unity to pursue those lost in this country.
September 20 | Lebanon
It has been more than a month since the devastating explosion that rocked Lebanon! Pray for all the churches who are still distributing aid and bringing strength alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ. So many are turning to Jesus!
September 27 | Philippines
This country suffers from political instability and poor decisions from previous government officials, leaving 1/3 of the population to live in poverty. Pray for the church to stand firm on biblical truth and be unified with one another.



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