The unity table

November 28

Hope Fellowship’s mission is “inviting everyone to follow Jesus and helping them move to the center of God’s purpose for their lives.” This guides every decision, every plan, every calendar, and every event we are a part of. And recently in our country, the need for us to move to the center of God’s purpose of racial justice and better relationships with others is clear.

A few months ago, during all of the social unrest, protests and marches, I had a conversation with Pastor Conway Edwards that helped me understand that not only was it not enough to just say “I’m not a racist,” but I had to be a part of taking clear steps moving forward to help making our world better. So when our country seems more divided than anytime I can remember, it’s time to take clear steps towards unity through The Unity Table.

The Unity Table is a safe place of gathering with people who don’t look like you, where questions can be asked, lessons can be learned and perspectives are broadened as we appreciate the special ways that God has created each of us. On every month of the year that has five weekends, we will meet with someone who is different from us to grow in our understanding, community and unity.  I believe that this will truly help us see communities healed and restored from racism and injustices one table at a time.

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